_Astrological Ages and Dating the Earth: An Introduction
    _Who is Watching Who?

    _The Best Christmas Movie You Didn’t Realize Was A Christmas Movie
(Eyes Wide Shut review)

Like You Mean It newspaper column

    _Blowing up the truth: Artistic relevations must be understood in social significance 10/04/2011

    _Military drone programs should be put to an end 11/01/2011

    _The price of maintaing US security 09/20/2011

    _Our Revolution Will Be Live (poem dedicated to Gil Scott-Heron) 04/10/2012

    _Find humor, not tragedy in ‘technological absurdism’ 03/12/2012

    _New York Times article shields US interventionalism in Libya 08/29/2011

    _Love dispels the philosophy of objectivism 10/17/2011

    _Megaupload shutdown only 1st battle in war for free, open Internet 01/23/2012

    _Widspread distrust of police well-earned 11/28/2011

    _Think it, feel it: Consider the role of emotion in cognition 09/12/2011

    _Iran, Israel need to avoid armed conflict 11/08/2011

    _Society’s view on drugs in dire need of change 10/10/2011

    _Living offline: Internet monopoloy hard to deal with 10/24/2011

    _Medical tourism may be the remedy for high US health care costs 04/23/2012

    _New legislation could be the start to slippery slow of oppressing civil liberties 12/05/2011

    _New media outlets should demand accountability from New York Times 04/03/2012

    _Palestinian bid at UN represents step forward 09/26/2011

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Jean Michel is a film and theatre director, writer and artist based in New York City.
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