Short Films

Tira (2011)

Shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Super 8mm, this short film is an experimental vista into a woman's personal creative struggle. It plays with the notion of having an internal personality that subconsciously and mysteriously guides us in certain directions.

Nietzsche attributed this struggle to the god Dionysus, who represents the unseen and chaotic creative impulse, most explicitly expressed by music.

In my story I use two orixas (deities) of the Brazilian Candomblé religious tradition: Obá, whose colors are red, white and yellow, is a strong and forceful female presence but can be conflicted and inflexible; and Naña, whose colors are indigo, white and pink, is a presence of calm and dignity and the mother of creativity.

Practioners of Candomblé associate both deities with different types of water flow, Obá with rapids and tough conditions and Nanã with stillness and tranquility.

I was also inspired by the city as a metaphor for the mind. Who are the inhabitants? What are its rhythms? When, and why, is it empty?

In portuguese “tira” (verb tirar) means “to remove” or “strip away”.

The song is my remixed version of "Cemeteries" by Avey Tare.

Lais Santos Oliviera
Zalyndria Shelby Crosby

Directed by:
Jean Michel Hoffman

urbana (2012)

When a Brazilian woman travels to the United States to visit her late father's home she discovers an exciting and foreign land, struggles with the language barrier, and explores an irreparable distance that the famed painter kept from his daughter.

A collaboration by Carol Freitas and Jean Michel

Story Written by Carol
Photographed and Directed by Jean
Also Starring Aaron Amram
Music by Gal Costa, Co La, Bobby Hutchinson and Yoko Ono

Quando uma mulher brasileira viaja para os Estados Unidos para visitar a residência do pai que já morreu, ela descobre um país estranho e vibrante, briga com a dificuldade da barreira entre as duas línguas, e explora a distância irreparável entre ela e o seu pai, um pintor famoso.

Um filme realizado por Carol Freitas e Jean Michel

História escrito por Carol
Fotografía e Direção por Jean
Também com o ator Aarom Amram
Canções por Gal Costa, Co La, Bobby Hutchinson e Yoko Ono

visual poems 

visual poem #6

Shot in Bryant Park and Elizabeth Street Garden, Manhattan, and Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island

Music: Vaporwave mix, including
Building a Better World by 猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h
Tomorrow, 2096 by 沙漠里的沙子晚上很温暖
テレパシー能力者 - ツインシティーズ [Twin Cities] by t e l e p a t h

visual poem #5

Shot at Jacob Riis Beach, Far Rockaway, Brooklyn

Music: Timecop by New Dreams Ltd

visual poem #4

Shot on The Highline and East Village, Manhattan

Music: Pollution by James Ferarro (remix by Jean Michel)

visual poem #3

Shot in Chinatown, Manhattan

Music: テレパシー能力者 - 永遠の至福 [Eternal bliss] by t e l e p a t h (with sample of “Duo des fleurs” by Lakmé)

visual poem #2

Shot on the East River Ferry, NYC  

Music: Arabesque N.1 by Claude Debussy

visual poem #1

Shot in Providence, Rode Island and Bushwick, Brooklyn

Music: Stream by Piero Umiliani (remix by Jean Michel)

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