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What is Tropical Vedic Astrology?

I use the Tropical zodiac for the planetary and house positions, the Sidereal zodiac for the Nakshatra positions, and mostly Vedic techniques.

These techniques are based on the recompiled text from ancient India, “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra”, attributed to the sage Parashara and said to be up to 1500 years old.

Today, most astrologers in India, and those who follow the Vedic tradition, use the Sidereal zodiac, which is a calculation that changes the sign and degree positions of each planet.

The Tropical zodiac is the classic zodiac calculation known by most people in the West. The hybrid combination of the Western astrological tradition with the traditional Vedic techniques has become more widely used in the past several years thanks to several pioneering astrologers, including Ernst Wilhelm, Vic Di Cara, Ryan Krzyack, and their students.

I began as a Tropical Western astrologer, practiced as a Sidereal Vedic astrologer for two years, and eventually landed upon the Tropical Vedic methods which I have found to to work especially well for psychological readings and for transit readings.

Studying astrology, modifying old techniques and learning new techniques is an ongoing passion of mine, and although I have been practicing with clients for several years I consider myself a perpetual student of this profound spiritual science.

Astrology is studying the movement of the luminaries (lights) in the sky, and how those movements relate to the lives and awareness of human beings on earth. The sky is a clock and its movements are not at all random; the interpretations that astrologers make according to the positions are testable and repeatable happenings that can help us make better decisions in our lives.

Astrology is both an advanced science and an art form: it has rules and a clear logical systems, but each astrologer’s own unique consciousness brings its own abstract ‘touch’ to what is revealed to a client. Astrology is precise yet abstract, predictable yet mysterious, and deals directly with the innermost qualities of our individual souls (the part of ourselves that does not die when our bodies die).

What we know about astrology has been passed down for millennia from the most ancient civilizations, such as the Vedic culture of India, the Mayans of Central America, the Babylonians of Mesopotamia, and so on. Today we have the advantage of computer technology that has made calculations quicker and more precise, but the interpretive aspect derived from the consciousness of the learned astrologer can never be replicated.

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