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Log Line
Two time lines - one occurring in the present NYC art world, and another in a primitive future - are woven together by divine personalities to test humans to transcend their present circumstances.

Film Synopsis
In a primitive world 200 years in the future a young girl witnesses her friends ambushed and killed in a violent attack. She is saved by a reclusive sage who teaches her survival techniques, including how to overcome the illusions inherent to the material world. To illustrate this teaching he recites a tale about a young artist living in New York City, circa 2018. This artist passionately desires success and fame, and after signing a lucrative contract with mysterious clients, slowly begins to lose control over what he creates. In both plot lines divine personalities - in disguise - intermingle with the human beings to test and provoke them to overcome their present limitations. 

This is the first live-action motion picture in English based on the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (Bhāgavata Purāna), the jewel of the Vedic literature from ancient India, considered by many to be one of the oldest written texts in the world.

Koji Frahm
Nhumi Threadgill
Milo Matthieu
Anthony J. Thomas
Chandler Gregoire
Bryce Michael Wood
Alexander Patsos
Dennis Williams
Philip di Domenico
Jean Michel Hoffman
Caroline Gombé as Kali

Featuring Animation by
Xueyan Wang

Special Thanks to:
Mark Knight, Paul Hoffman, Mary Gharrity, Lindley Frahm,
Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve, Mana Contemporary,
Caffe Reggio, Neil’s Diner, Crrow777, Anya Levitov, Vicky Barranguet,
Robert Farber and Family, The Sage of Quay, Jay Reid

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